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Your vehicle’s transmission job is to transfer power from your engine to your wheels. By keeping up on transmission service you can prevent serious mechanical problems. Here are 3 benefits to servicing your transmission.

Prevent Expensive Transmission Problems

One of the most important benefits of a transmission service is to prevent future problems. Over time your transmission fluid becomes dirty and contaminated with debris. When that happens, it no longer provides lubrication for your transmission. This can also result in power loss.
With routine transmission service, you can end serious transmission troubles in the future.

Save Money on Repairs

Transmissions can be expensive to repair or replace. When your transmission is cooled and lubricated as intended it reduces wear. Wearing of the parts in your transmission leads to failure. Servicing your transmission at regular intervals will save you money in avoidable repairs.

Improve Engine Efficiency

Proper service prevents transmission problems, but it also makes your engine more efficient. By keeping your transmission properly powered and lubricated, it’ll operate at maximum efficiency. The power from your engine is then properly transferred to your wheels. For this reason, a transmission service can help you save money on your fueling expenses.